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Darrel Wiley - Majesty of God

Series Name Message Title Media
1-Finding the Future
2-Finding Identity
3-Finding the Crossroads
4-Find the Crossroads -pt 2
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4-1, I will even
4-2, Wilderness Experiences
4-3, Rivers in the desert
4-3, Rivers in the desert, pt 2
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3-1, Falling in love with yesterday
3-2, Falling in love with yesterday, pt 2
3-3, The uncertain future
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2-1, Do not formulate, pt 1
2-2, Do not formulate, pt 2
2-3, Do not formulate, pt 3
2-4, Do not formulate, pt 4
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1-1-New Things, pt 1
1-2-New Things, pt 2
1-3-Close your eyes and see, pt 1
1-4-Close your eyes and see, pt 2
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1-Authority vs power
2-Power to accomplish
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2-The Law of Faith
3-The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ
4-The Law of Christ
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1-God’s Word is settled
2-God is looking for a man
3-Man’s authority in dominion
4-Yielding proves dominion
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1-Destiny and Value
2-Your Mission (Should You Choose To Accept It)
3-Assignment Alignment
4-Increase our faith
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