1-I Can See Clearly

Message one in our –Recognizing Your New Things– Series.

4-Our Assignment

Message 4 in our –Behold MORE New Things– Series.

3-Your past is not your past

Message 3 in our –Behold more new things– series.

Darrel Wiley – Majesty of God

A single message by Darrel Wiley entitled -Have I Lost My Vision of the Majesty of God?-

2-Insecurity not included

Message 2 in our –Behold More New Things– Series.

1-Who has God made you to be?

Message 1 in our -Behold MORE New Things- series.

4-Find the Crossroads -pt 2

Message 4 in our -Behold the New Things- Series.

3-Finding the Crossroads

Message 3 in in our -Behold the New Things- series.

2-Finding Identity

Message 2 in our -Behold the New Things- series.

1-Finding the Future

Message One in our new -Behold The New Things- series.