God has a purpose for you as an individual, and God has a purpose for your spouse.  And when the two of you married, God designed a purpose for your marriage.

You're Invited!

God created you and your spouse for a work that only the two of you can accomplish together.  He foresaw all your differences and carefully combined them together to complement one another.  With great loving care, He fashioned you with common interests and instilled values to resonate with one another to make you one.  With even greater care, God enmeshed and infused all of those qualities for His well-planned purpose.  Why?  Because together you will accomplish more than either of you could on your own.

Greg and Julie have found that couples who live for a greater purpose— together—thrive.  They fundamentally understand that, unified in purpose, two are better than one.

We invite you to come and discover the plan and purpose God has for your marriage.

-Tracy Kline



Friday, NOV 17th
7-9pm Session 1

Saturday, NOV 18th
8am-Check-in, light breakfast
9am-Morning Sesssions
12pm-Catered Lunch
3pm-Conference Concludes

HOTEL INFORMATION: See either the Wray Chamber of Commerce Website or the Yuma Chamber of Commerce Website.